Bushwalking Around New England & Beyond

There are so many beautiful places around us in the New England that are worth adventuring through. We have highlighted some committee favourites from further beyond Armidale.

Cathedral Rocks National Park

Cathedral Rock track

The Cathedral Rocks lookout is a fan favourite in the area. The Cathedral Rock track is a beautiful 6km walk with a challenging climb up to the summit, offering scenic views across the New England Tablelands from the summit.

Woolpack Rocks

This overlooked companion of the Cathedral Rock track is another must see. The Wookpack Rocks track is a bit longer at 8kms, but also brings you up to an incredible summit with stunning views and lots to explore. The Woolpack Rocks lookout a beautiful spot to have lunch and if you sit quietly you might spot some cute wildlife. This summit is a little easier to reach than the climb up to Cathedral Rock.

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park

Wollomombi Falls

This is a delightful place to visit for the day. There are several viewpoints across two walking tracks and a lovely BBQ area for lunch. The Chandler walking track will take you past the main lookout where you can see two falls and to Check’s viewpoint. There is also the Wollomombi walking track which takes you in the other direction to three other viewpoints of the gorge.

There is a hidden gem off the end of the Chandler walking track not marked on the National Parks guide, once you get to the end of the track you will see a warning sign that the rest of the walk (1.2km return) is for experienced walkers. But this walk will take you down to Chandler’s viewpoint, which has a stunning view looking back up the gorge towards the Wollomombi Falls. It’s a steep walk with some sheer drops, so it’s not recommended for families.

Dorrigo National Park

Skywalk lookout

If you’ve never been, this one is a must do. The Skywalk lookout offers a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding landscape. It is a great place to start on a day walking in the Dorrigo National Park or even just as a beautiful place to stop on your way to the coast. This view is easily accessible for anyone from the carpark.

Walking tracks

There are many beautiful places to walk in the Dorrigo National Park:

New England National Park

Point lookout

Point lookout is a must-see destination for visitors to New England National Park. It’s also completely accessible with a wheelchair friendly walk from the carpark.

Walking tracks

The New England National Park is an incredible place with Lyrebirds shuffling around and waterfalls falling from above.

National Parks NSW provides a comprehensive guide to bushwalks in our region.