Bushwalking & Camping

We organise regular bushwalking, hiking and camping trips, as well as canyoning though the rugged gorge country surrounding Armidale. Whether you’re an experienced bushwalker or just keen to give it a try, we run a range of walks to suit everyone.

There are many fantastic National Parks and Reserves around the New England Tablelands and nearby regions that provide an abundance of mountains, valleys, eucalypt studded grassy woodlands, moss shrouded rainforest and coastal terrain to explore. Below are a few of the Parks we explore:

For more information on upcoming trips and how to get involved check out our News & Events.

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What we we mean when we talk about bushwalking?

Bushwalking is what we locally call “hiking” in Australia, it refers to recreational walking in natural Australian landscapes.

A bushwalk might simply be a walk along a trail through urban parks or forest near where you live, or it could be a full day walk in a national park or reserve. For more experienced bushwalkers, it can also be a multi-day expedition where you are self-sufficient carrying a tent and food.