Club Governance



The club is governed by a group of volunteers who are established at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year. Any UNEOAC member is eligible to attend the AGM and volunteer for any role on the committee. The committee is responsible for the organisation of club activity and managing the finances of the club. You can learn more about these responsibilities on the Committee Position Roles and Responsibilities page.

If you have any concerns about the club committee, please contact us to discuss these issues or the UNE Life Clubs Manager. We endeavor to meet the needs of the members and work in the best interest of the club.

2023 UNEOAC Committee

These are the current committee members who contribute to the governance, organisation, and decision-making of the club.

Executive Members
PresidentJacob Hofkamp
Vice PresidentLaura Murray
SecretaryNoah Craven
Emily Sims
Other Committee Members
Event CoordinatorsAndrew Woolley, Sean Maguire, Simon Porter, Nial Gursanscky
Climbing Wall CoordinatorAlec Eastwood & Andrew Woolley
Gear ManagerSimon Porter
Social Media & CommunicationsCarmen Schultz
General Committee MemberMichael Saunders, Nial Gursanscky, Emily Sims

You may notice some positions are supported by multiple people to ensure the role is adequately fulfilled, in the case where some members can only contribute on a part-time basis. There are also a range of roles that change as the needs of the club evolve year to year.