Committee Position Roles and Responsibilities

UNEOAC operates as an affiliated club of SportUNE and as part of UNE Life clubs and societies. As such the roles and responsibilities of the executive positions in our club must meet the requirements of UNE Life.

There are three positions whose responsibilities are dictated by the UNE Life policy: President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Other positions are determined by the needs of the club and the interests of the volunteers. So our club often includes a range of other positions in order to support the wide range of duties in running the club successfully.

In general, the committee must stay in contact with the UNE Life Clubs Manager and remain transparent about our activities so we can ensure we are meeting our duties as an ambassador of UNE. Our club is also governed by the UNEOAC Constitution (2015).

Club President Club Secretary Club Treasurer
– Acting as the spokesperson for the club.
– Calling and chairing meetings, checking that matters of importance are brought before the membership and that a friendly and civilized approach is maintained at all times, by all parties.
– Ensuring executive resolutions are properly resourced and actioned.
– Ensuring that communication with club members is carried out and that club audits and Annual General Meetings take place in the specified time.
– Maintaining a close working relationship with the Clubs and Student Experience Manager.
– The president is also personally liable for any publications produced by the club.
– Creating contact lists of members.
– Administering all Club social media sites, email lists and the Club’s UNE ONE page.
– Arranging venues, compiling agendas and taking minutes of all club meetings.
– Bringing important correspondence to the attention of club members.
– Submitting minutes from the Annual General Meeting to the Clubs and Student Experience Manager. These minutes provide testimony that your club is behaving in accordance with its constitution with respect to electing new office bearers etc.
– Forwarding all details (name, address, telephone number) of the new executive and any alterations to the Club Constitution to the Clubs and Student Experience Manager as soon as possible.
– Keeping the club informed of its financial position.
– Ensuring that all payments made are legitimate and have been authorised by the club management committee.
– Preparing budgets for income and projected spending.
– Keeping a current list of all financial members.
– Presenting a financial report at the Annual General Meeting.
– Preparing a financial statement of all major transactions for the annual audit.
– Attending all Treasurer training sessions run by UNE Life
Club Position Duties as outlined by UNE Life, 2021:


The UNEOAC Constitution includes the VP as an executive committee member. This role supports the President in leadership and committee organisation, and can act as the President in the event of their absence.

Other positions may include:
  • Social Media and Communications: this role may manage the social media sites, create and post events, photos and updates, maintain the website, and create marketing materials.
  • Events Coordinator: the role may manage the planning and organisation of club events.
  • Climbing Wall Manager: the role may organise inductions for supervisors and manage the equipment at the wall.
  • Gear Manager: this role may manage the maintenance of club gear and complete annual stocktake.
  • General Committee Member: this role is unspecific, but contributes to the club knowledge, organisation of activities, and planning.

These positions are designated based on the needs of the club during that year and may change annually.

Committee Member Requirements

As a member of the Committee, the expectations of your position includes:

  • Meeting any obligations of your position as outlined by the requirements of UNE Life.
  • Attending regular committee meetings, these are generally once a month. You will be able to nominate and vote on agenda items.
  • Contributing to the planning, organising, and assisting various club events.
  • Ensuring you meet the requirements of the UNEOAC Constitution and always act with integrity regarding the best interest of the club and its members.

You must have a current membership to form part of the UNEOAC Committee.