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Please note: Most of the historic guides may be out of date, or the conditions may have changed. The most up to date guide are generally found on

Free Climbing Guides

The Northern Tablelands

TheCrag is a fantastic resource which is community driven and constantly changing. You can compile guides for areas or specific trips you are planning and upload any new climbs you have sent. It can also be a great way to track you climbing progress.

Historic Guides

Upper Gara Gorge: A climber’s guide to The Gara Boulders, The Fortress & The Bastille. This is the closest area to town and has a lot of varied climbing style to offer.

Ebor Falls: A climber’s guide to Ebor Falls. Only an hour from Armidale this area offers some great cracks and aretes.

Yellow Wall: A climber’s guide to Yellow Wall and surrounding cliffs.

Moonbi Slabs: A climber’s guide to the Moonbi Slab can be found on

Mt Yarrowyck: There is still some good stuff there if you can find it and there is probably also some unclimbed potential.

Cathedral Rocks: A climber’s guide to Cathedral Rocks. Very limited climbing.

The Waterfalls: A climber’s guide to the Waterfalls. Some of the very first climbing done in the region. Mostly large multi-pitch climb that can only be done during drought.