Meet the Team

UNEOAC is run entirely by volunteers each year who dedicate time and expertise to ensure the events run smoothly and the club continues on its legacy. We come from all walks of life, with varying interests, and meet together over our love of the outdoors.


Jacob Hofkamp

About me: I’m Jacob, the President of UNEOAC. I work full-time at UNE, and enjoy helping to get others outside with our club. If I’m not in front of a computer, you’ll find me outside on an adventure, or fixing my car so I can go on more.

Interests: bushwalking, camping, hiking, rock climbing, and abseiling


Laura Murray

About me: I study social work at UNE part-time and work for UNE Life. When I am not doing OAC things, you will find me playing soccer, chasing waterholes in the NT, having brunch with friends, or crafting. I have been outdoorsy for as long as I can remember and as a social work student, I particularly appreciate the benefits of being outdoors for well-being.

Interests: camping, hiking, swimming, abseiling, paddling, leadership, and events


Georgina Kottek

About me: Hi! My name is Georgie and I am the secretary for UNEOAC. I’m in my final year of study at UNE (Rural Science) and love the outdoors – and adventuring!

Interests: rock climbing, bushwalking, swimming, road cycling, and plants


Danni Powell

About me: I am always up for a good adventure! When I’m not working or studying I love to go hiking, camping and rock climbing in the local gorges and national parks. I always take my camera and watercolour kit so I can do some passive recreation and document all the amazing things I find.

Interests: hiking, camping, climbing, nature journalling, art, photography and bird watching

Gear Manager & Event Coordinator

Simon Porter

About me: I’m a civil engineer who finds it extremely difficult to keep still. I enjoy exercising, travelling, and getting out to see new places.

Interests: mountain biking, hiking, bouldering, climbing, scuba diving, and snowboarding when I get the chance.

Climbing Wall Coordinator

Michael Saunders

About me: I’m an Armidale local, I grew up on a farm and now work as an IT consultant. I prefer being out in the sun or in a shed building something crazy. If I’m not adventuring with friends, I’ll be designing my next project.

Interests: climbing, camping, hiking, bonfires, animals of all kinds, woodwork, metalwork, hiphop, and long walks on the beach

Social Media & Communications

Carmen Schultz

About me: I originally studied psychology at UNE and then stumbled into the learning design department where I now work full-time. I’m passionate about education, the environment, and I love anything to do with art and design. I joined the club to learn rock climbing and have since allocated myself as the resident club photographer, web designer, and social media manger.

Interests: bushwalking, rock climbing, camping, digital technologies, photography, art, and design

Event Coordinator

Andrew Woolley

About me: I’ve been around for a while, and somehow have not been pushed off a cliff yet. Former student who now works in town. Grew up next to Wollemi national park and have tried to spend as much time in one ever since. Assist in climbing wall supervision.

Interests: Anything that gets me out an about in the great outdoors. Have done a lot of remote off track walking, a bit of climbing, bike riding and bits of other stuff. May be found botanising along the way. There is nothing like sitting around a fire, watching the stars and enjoying the serenity.

Event Coordinator

Karinya Oldfield

About me: I’m in my final year of honours at UNE and studying part-time allows me to explore more of the beautiful New England region.

Interests: I love spending time in nature and enjoy hiking, swimming, camping, and nature photography.

Event Coordinator

Callum Wolf-Yohann Gardner

About me: Hi I’m Callum, I’m in my final year of uni studying philosophy! When I’m not thinking about moral dilemmas I enjoy an active and nerdy lifestyle. You will often see me at the wall and not writing for this page.

Interests: climbing, hiking, cold water swims, travel, puzzles, games, anything new! And anything that is not writing about my interests!

General Committee Member

Ash Powell

About me: I’m an IT Consultant with a strong desire to avoid computers outside of that career. I spend a lot of time exploring the wilds of New England and often have a camera in my hand to capture our awesome flora and fauna.

Interests: hiking, climbing, camping, photography, 4WD, gardening, car restoration, woodwork, metalwork, electronics, fossicking, and this is the short list…