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General info on Rock Climbing in New England

The New England region has seen a lot of development over the last 30 years with the establishment of many large cliffs located in Gara Gorge (15km’s east of armidale), Mt Yarrawick and Ebor Gorge. Around Armidale climbing on granite offers many cracks, slabs and faces.

However, about 70km east can take you out to Ebor which offers an abundance of cracks and aretes on Basalt which originated from a long extinct volcano. In terms of access Ebor is the easiest as the climbs are only a couple of minutes walk from your car. The climbs also happen to be very close to the local pub!.

All cliffs located in Gara Gorge (with the exception of Blue Hole) can be accessed by a demanding long hot or bloody cold walk down the gorge, OR by driving virtually to the cliffs through private property with permission. Therefore, it is advisable just to climb at Blue Hole which has no access restrictions, or to contact a local climber to take you out to the cliff. If unsure follow these simple steps:

  • Contact a local climber or the UNEOAC
  • Obtain permission before driving through a farmers property
  • Leave all gates as you find them

Failure to do so may see climbing access to these cliffs restricted by car and will entail the previously mentioned long walk!

In addition, there is lots of bouldering at Blue Hole (Gara Gorge) and Mt Yarrowyck

Information on the climbs around the Area can be found on our Guides Page